For more information, please see our The Black Family also has a reputation for being notoriously bigoted against Muggle-borns. I wish that I had taken Draco's hand instead of scoffing at him. Its about Sirius being the last of the Black family and reminissing on his relationship with each one as he writes the black family memoir. Hermione Granger et Drago Malefoy, de la premire la septime anne, tombent petit petit amoureux pendant les vrais romans. Dorea Potter was born between 27 March 1914 and 28 March 1915 to Cygnus Black II and his wife Violetta Black (ne Bulstrode). [ Harry Potter has tried all his life to win his parent's approval that Alex so easily had. She was supposedly part kneezle, which wasn't that big of a problem, but it was the fact that it seemed like her bond with her master never faded, even after their death. Harry Potter. Harry was sorted into Slytherin. There is nothing left in the future. This fan-fiction is about a girl named Nova black. 270. His blood is roaring for it, desperate for this chance. AND Sirius remembers everything from the past and now Fred, Harry, Hermione, Neville and Sirius can communicate telepathically?!?! With tensions rising and safety at stake, you find yourself drawn back into Sebastian's orbit, and you must decide whether to let him back into your life or to leave him behind for good. They both had a clear view about what they had to do with their lives. In a world where Sirius doesn't actually die but returns out of the veil looking like he's sixteen, he relishes the chance to support Harry through the toughest times of their lives and struggles with falling in love with his godson along the way as they fight the school and the second wizarding war. JK*1., 3.bug, 4.allcp, 5./, 6.cpx, PS:. Author: enchanted nightingale. The discovery of a strange book, however, can change the Boy-Who-Lived's life forever.Between lost diaries, letters addressed to the closet under the stairs, silver eyes, wands and green ties, Harry James Potter embarks on the long journey towards the belonging. Sirius goes directly to Privet Drive after breaking out that summer and meets Harry. That. The Boy Who Lived isn't quite who they expected. Everything is twisted in this story, so much, that you'll be confused. One day, the Department of Mysteries comes knocking, and he is sent back to 1975. Now she must deal with avoiding questions, returning home, and her Godfather that she's falling in love with! (We also accept donations year-round, so you are able to donate whenever is convenient for you. After an accident, Auror Harry Potter wakes up in the body of fourteen year old Nathan Ciro, a tormented Slytherin who recently tried to end his own life. "That perverted of a dog was my desperation, you're my current. This takes place starting the summer after 3rd year. Happy reading! -Harry Potter fan fiction- 82 pages October 22, 2014 What if the Malfoys were a Light family? Caught between two powerful wizards, can Harry form a third side to the war? Your average, bogstandard bamf, slytherin harry fic where snape acts like his dad (not biologically).Also Dumbledore is really annoying.Also draco likes harry. He doesn't die, but Voldemort's Horcrux inside him does. The Black Family has been noted to produce lots of witches and wizards capable in Shape Shifting Magic. Fenrir/Harry relationship. TRIGGER WARNING FOR SUICIDE, SELF-HARM AND DISORDERED EATING. After her grandparents deaths in summer of 1993, she goes to live with her godfather Remus Lupin, using her family's old house in London and transfers from Beauxbatons to Hogwarts. One of the 17 Roman magical families that relocated to Wizarding Britain after the fall of Rome, House Black has been a part of the Wizengamot since its inception. A Twilight and Harry Potter crossover fan-fiction He has been watching over me since I was seven years old, he cared for me, protected me, loved me, and made me feel li. And that simply will not do. 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Harry had always thought being an orphan was the worst fate he could have had but after having Sirius' parents as his own, he can now safely say that he would much prefer to be an orphan again, thank you very much! Beta Reader: pussycatadamah. Dorea thought it was just inter-house rivalry taken too far, unaware that Charlus' animosity stemmed from his fury that Fate had chosen a Slytherin as his "perfect match."[2]. if.jpgmpreg. All they know is they found her in Godric's Hollow the same night the Potters were killed. Remus took him in when the world fell apart. Sirius goes directly to Privet Drive after breaking out that summer and meets Harry. She was instrumental in matching James and Lily together and was a strong mother-figure to her great-nephew Sirius Black, whom she gave sanctuary to when he was disowned. "Are you asking me out on a date or threatening me?" save. She watched from afar as he was abused by the rest of his family and one of her many small acts of kindness was teaching him the Charm to detect poisons. He and his posse were the bane of her existence. luns. Harry had many preconceived notions about what "starting over" would entail, but he never expected to find himself standing outside in his 10-year-old body, watching his 10-year-old self being dragged to the zoo for Dudley's birthday. Dorea was described as a "grandedame of the Wizarding World." Or will he be force to ally with the lesser of two evils? Harry Potter was raised by his Godfather, Sirius Black and his uncle figure, Remus Lupin. Draco is actually a good friend to both of them. Dorea Potter was born into House Black, an Ancient and Noble House. (long slow burn Dramione qui suit les oeuvres canon). Enter Rigel Black, the brother of Sirius Black, a boy who wants nothing more than to save Britain from Tom Riddle. Dr.Strange/Avengers + Harry Potter crossover. One change can suddenly throw everything off course. Sirius shows up in dog form after Harry leaves his aunt and uncle's house, Harry sees Sirius, Harry falls backwards and sticks out his left arm rather than his right arm, no knight bus arrives, Sirius approaches Harry. Dorea Potter (ne Black) was the wife of Charlus Potter, the mother of James Potter and the paternal grandmother of Harry Black and Jim Potter. Sirius shows up in dog form after Harry leaves his aunt and uncle's house, Harry sees Sirius, Harry falls backwards and sticks out his left arm rather than his right arm, no knight bus arrives, Sirius approaches Harry. However, I can't remember reading any fics where Sirius breaks out of Azkaban as in canon, and then encounters Harry before he actually starts school. Largely due to the Potter Prophecy, Dorea was afraid that if she had played an active role in James' childhood and he had developed any of her "Slytherin" traits then the result would have been disastrous. Soulmate to the dark lord- not that they know thatyet. While she manages to fight back, there are nonetheless lasting consequences in the form of an unwanted pregnancy and extensive trauma. As they turn 12 Grimmauld Place into a real home, Harry finally gets to hear all about his father and mother. Please consider turning it on! Thank you so much! After James and Lily's death, Regulus fled to France and raised Harry as his own. Row after row of identical houses line the streets with pristine, white picket fences and perfectly pruned hedges and house perfectly normal families. Along with the inheritance of their creature, the initials of their soulmates, the person who they are destined to be with, appear on the inside of the wrist. In which Hermione and her aunt have both been keeping the fact they have magic to themselves. Cookie Notice Half the Wizarding World call her father a Blood Traitor and the rest call him a Death Eater. This Heir, and the things he does will surely redefine the world the sorcerers know. In the graveyard, he assaults her. And wha "Cassiopeia Black had her father's eyes, Harrys answer to it was joining Lord Voldemort. linkffn(Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin) Yes Harry has a bit of an anti Gryffindor bias in this but the author doesn't take sides generally and some of the best characters are Gryffindors. But what happens if he made a mistake? Harry is now in his 5th year of Hogwarts but this year is turning out worse than the last. The problem is, no one knows who her master is. Sequel to Wolfs Choice. In addition, Dorea told Lily that she was aware of her lineage as a descendant of House Wilkes and that if Lily married anyone else then her family history would be revealed and she would become a social pariah. Please consider turning it on! And in all the confusion, a mediwitch scooped her up and took her to her brother, who worked in the Department for the Control of Magical Creatures to be identified. How different is Harry's life going to be now? And its also addictive, but what matters is how you control your habit. When Voldemort captures Harry in the graveyard following the third task, Harry spends two months stuck in a room where time passes quicker than it does in the outside world. When Madam Malkins and Twillfit and Tattings prove to be too busy, he finds himself in a shop whose proprietor offers a unique set of services to their patrons. Sirius Black and Marlene Mckinnon were just starting a wonderful life together when tragedy struck. Where Lily and James die, Sirius ends up in Azkaban, Remus forever alone and Peter insane, spending the rest of his life supposedly dead as a rat. What if everything was twisted, the light turn into the dark, and the dark turn into the light? Little Whinging, Surrey is a place where individuality goes to die. After they realise how the world treats Slytherins, they get more ruthless by second, until they reach breaking point, after that, revenge is the thing they seek after, for the friends who lost their life, for the family they choose, but most importantly, for the things the cruel world had done to them. hide. Emily Marlene Black. Follow her journey in a universe [a happy story au] To an extent, they had never imagined or planned to. ), What I find absolutely fascinating, Riddle said, stalking closer, is you. He marched forward, backing Harry up until he was pinned to the cool wall of the common room. She survived and became great! Harry knew that he'd have to live with the choices he had made. Dog, Werewolf and Me by sevsirrem9. His godson was barely twelve years old. Do you know why?, No. One being that Hadrian potter's twin Charles was wrongly na Dumbledore proclaimed Rosina "Rose" Lillian Potter the "Girl-who-lived" and sent away her brother Hadrian "Harry" James Potter the real bo Harry Potter, forgotten twin of Radius Potter, aka Ray Potter. Fem!Harry x Sirius. I'd love to see a fic where Harry remains his usual self and maybe the Slytherins appreciate him for his honesty and directness. There she'll meet her godbrother Harry Potter, his friends and make friends of her own. The Potter's had triplets ; Christopher and Rosina were dubbed the boy and girl who lived by mistake. Now, as he sat rotting in his cell, having given up all hope unless, somehow, by some miracle, his godson reached his sixteenth birthday and found out the identity of his soulmate, of ever getting out of the prison. The Dursleys care more for their reputation than anything else, and so things slowly but surely begin to change as a result. Was fun to write Carina Marlene Black, a sweet and innocent girl, is raised in a orphanage. What if Barty Crouch Jr was a Light wizard? Jason's fate was already decided for him. What would your live have been like sort of thing, well I wonder if I would be this left out if I were in Slytherin. Right there. One hand rose and brushed some of Harrys fringe from his face. Mrs. But when the jet black initials carved into his wrist began to burn and flicker, glowing bright gold, he knew something was wrong. She absolutely despised him. And plus, Gacha is involved. Complete uncaring of the repercussions that she brings with her by simply arriving at the school and having lived in the muggle foster-care system for years while she could've lived with her father, which she knows is because of the wizards her father had fought to protect and who had turned their backs on him, the girl only has one thing in mind: justice, Watch out Wizarding World, because Athena Black has returned and she. In TSM's "Prince of Slytherin" series, Dorea wasborn in 1914 or 1915 andis James Potter's mother, withEuphemia Potter being James' grandmother and Harry's great-grandmother. For more information, please see our To be honest, I would even take a fic where they met on Halloween night in PoA, or when Sirius broke into the dormitory. What happens when their souls are sent to the past and are placed in Sirius's womb and their Sire is James Potter!?!? And just who is the dark-haired girl Harry has . Euphemia modelled Dorea's marriage contract off the one put forward by her own mother-in-law, Sarah-Jane Potter, which included clauses that meant Charlus could never raise a hand to her, cheat on her or leave her. Dorea's own viewpoint was that blood matters but talent and ambition even more so. What will happen Harry Potter was ignored. Evelyn Potter was the girl-who-lived, or so they thought. Daphne is not a "typical" fanfiction Slytherin and Harry is also a bit OC so they fit well together. Even better if not everyone in Slytherin acts like Salazar himself and a personification of the House qualities. Five years earlier, he had given up hope of ever bonding with his soulmate. This is how Sirius dealt with the aftermath of the Mckinnon Massacre. I know that Im a huge burden on you all, so Im glad that someone is stepping up to help out.. And when an ancient magic is awakened in him, he'll find that nothing is as he was told, nothing is as he remembers. She is forever judged by her father and by her name. An already difficult choice only further complicated by the fact that the second path was so eerily similar to that which her mass murdering, blood traitor of a father took before betraying his friends and losing his freedom. For the thread of Fate has snapped, and no one knows what will come from the ashes, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Underage, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Underage, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, Underage, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (1345), Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movies) (19), Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Thorne & Rowling (16), Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan (9), Pocket Monsters | Pokemon - All Media Types (7), Harry Potter/Tom Riddle | Voldemort (271), Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Black Malfoy (171), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (650), Harry Potter is a Member of the House of Black, Book 3: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Gryffindor/Slytherin Inter-House Relationships, Hermione Granger & Harry Potter & Ron Weasley, initially drarry platonic bc they are treacherous brats lmao, harry really loves getting crumbs from his parents, James Potter is Not Harry Potter's Parent, Book 5: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, (Future) Theodore Nott/Harry Potter/Blaise Zabini, Hermione Granger & Neville Longbottom & Harry Potter & Ron Weasley, Parselmouths & Parseltongue (Harry Potter), Harry Potter is Heir to Multiple Noble Houses, DepressedEspresso (Lilliana_The_Baby_Witch), Original Male Character(s)/Original Female Character(s), Do You Trust Me?

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